About Neal Cross – @barneystuta

May 25th 2005. Do I need to say anymore?

My name is Neal Cross and I am a Liverpool fan. What more can I say?

I am a regular match go-er and watched us play from our home Anfield, to the Bernabau and Bucharest. I have seen it all. The good and the bad (the oh so, very bad at times).

I have been writing on and off about Liverpool since 2010. It started on football forums, it then moved to statistical blogs, now I am here. Following somewhat of a hiatus, I am back.

As you can tell from my picture, I am a bit mad, especially when it comes to Liverpool. The reason I love that picture so much is largely because of the pure emotion. That picture was captured just after we scored our 3rd goal in Istanbul. You know the story, I don’t need to remind you.

In my day job I also have a keen eye for analysis and attention to detail, so you may find some business practice references in my articles. I also love a problem, I love a damn good problem, Liverpool often has their fair share of those.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles and I would love to engage with all football fans, not just Liverpool. In recent years the Football Blogging community has boomed and I hope I can add something to the discussion, while having a laugh along the way.

Twitter: @barneystuta